Consulting Services

Bridging the research-practice gap, supporting educators, and making professional development engaging and meaningful.

A range of services is offered that includes, but is not limited to: Teacher Professional Learning and Development, the Leading Professional Learning Simulation, Leadership Development, Professional Learning Community Support, Student Camps and Academies, and Technical Assistance.

Each service is designed to meet the needs of your group and is created in collaboration with your planning team. Sessions can be:

-In-person, synchronous, or hybrid

-Large-scale (typically up to 250) or small-scale

-Multi-day, all-day, half-day, or 1-2 hour sessions

-Include follow-up sessions that are in-person, synchronous, or asynchronous

Description of Services Offered

Teacher Professional Learning & Development

Sessions are designed to support teachers in developing content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, facility with instructional models and strategies, and/or a deeper understanding of science standards. Previous topics include:

  • Multi-dimensional Science Education

  • Science & Engineering Practices

  • Crosscutting Concepts

  • Assessment

  • Differentiation

  • Leadership Development

  • Energy

  • Force & Motion

  • Matter

  • Waves

  • Systems & System Models

  • Dynamic Earth

  • Nature of Science

  • Designing 3D Science Instruction

  • Curriculum Mapping

"This experience has completely relit the spark for education I initially had. This was how I want to teach. Now I understand how to get the support I need to teach this way."

-Professional Development Participant

Leading Professional Learning: Building Capacity for Sustained Effective Practice

Leading Professional Learning was developed by Katherine Stiles, Susan Mundry, and Carol Bershad. It can be played in-person as a cooperative board-game or through a virtual, synchronous format.

  • The game is designed to help educators build a community of practice among school faculty that leads to the sustained use of effective practices and improved learning for all.

  • This session can be adapted to support district leaders, curriculum specialists, coaches, principals, or teachers.

"This game is a great simulation and presents teacher profiles that leaders and instructional support can relate to. The theory of action resources shared provides 3 clear phases that can be used when planning for professional development."

"Personally and professionally life changing."

"It is one of the best PL sessions that I have ever attended. Very relevant to education for teachers, staff, and leaders. "

-Particpants from Leading Professional Learning Sessions

Leadership Development

Sessions explicitly designed for district-level administrators or principals. Previous topics include:

  • Supporting Science Instruction

  • Strategic Planning

  • Designing and Leading Professional Learning & Development

  • Designing Equitable Curricula

  • Grant Writing

  • Facilitation Intensive

  • Leading Professional Learning Communities

"This was the best workshop I have attended in several years. Dr. Whitworth was outstanding. She definitely understands student engagement. I was fully engaged in learning throughout the two days. She is excellent and the content was relevant, encouraging, helpful and appropriate."

-Particpant from Principal Leadership Development Session

Professional Learning Community Support

Sessions are designed specifically to support teacher leaders who will lead PLCs in their schools. Materials for PLCs based on clients' needs can also be developed to support teacher leaders in implementing these PLCs. Previous PLC topics and support provided include:

  • Implementing 3D Instruction

  • Considering Classroom Innovations

  • Making Sense of Student Work

"Loved the interactions between colleagues that were made available by the facilitator through her hands-on and engaging activities."

-Particpant from PLC participant support

Student Camps or Academies

Sessions are designed to support students in developing a deep conceptual understanding of science. Previous camps and academies centered on:

  • Energy

  • Force & Motion

  • Matter

  • Waves

  • Systems & System Models

  • Dynamic Earth

  • Physical Science

  • Nature of Science

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Engineering

  • STEM integration

"Dr. Whitworth is an amazing professor, who really cares about her students. She is easy to contact, and is always understanding that we have a lot going on outside her classroom. She supports her students learning, and cares about our actual wellbeing."

"Dr. Whitworth cares SO much for her students. She wants us to excel in the educational world, but also in life. She will reach out to anyone in her class to ensure they are doing well."

-Student Feedback

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance can be provided to organizations, teams, or individuals in a variety of areas including: project planning, implementation, evaluation, and dissemenation.

  • Project Planning: needs assessments, review of research, connecting to similar projects and experts

  • Project Implementation and Evaluation: survey and assessment design, administration and analysis, observations, coaching and feedback

  • Project Dissemination: developing reports, publications, research briefs, webinars, videos

Other Services

  • External Advisory Board Member

  • Panel Expert

  • Site Visitations

  • Model Lessons

  • Coaching

  • Online Course Development

  • Intervention Development

  • Educational Materials Development

  • Curriculum Development

  • Book Reviews


Please reach out if you are interested in any of the above services. Individualized quotes will be provided based on client needs and requirements.

Example Consulting Projects

Arizona Science Coordinator Collaborative Lead

The ASCC was a collaborative designed to support district science coordinators in Arizona. It provided state and regional level support for science coordinators. As part of this work I designed and provided professional development and worked with coordinators to develop strategic plans.

Project Evaluator

Evaluation Report written for the GEMS project at the University of Georgia.

Waimea Middle School STEM Instead Camp

I planned, designed, and led a team of educators in creating a STEM Instead Camp for implementation at Waimea Middle School.

Greenville County Science Professional Learning

This is an example website created for Greenville County to support some of their teachers in online and in-person professional development. Links have been disabled to activities and resources, if you would like to see a live version, please email.

Current and Previous Partnerships

  • Texas Science Education Leadership Association

  • Rockwall Independent School District, TX

  • Rockdale County Public Schools, GA

  • Greenville County School District, SC

  • Cobb County School District, GA

  • Douglas County School District, GA

  • Making Sense of Science, WestEd, CA

  • North Mississippi Education Consortium, MS

  • Harvard Press

  • Utah State University

  • Rust College, MS

  • Northern Arizona University

  • Peoria Unified School District, AZ

  • Gila County Unified School District, AZ

  • Dysart School District, AZ

  • Waimea Middle School, HI

  • Arizona Department of Education

  • Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, AZ

  • Charlottesville City Public Schools, VA

  • University of Virginia

  • Prince William County Public Schools, VA