Come participate in SCILEADPRO, a Science Leadership Institute designed specifically to support coordinators in developing a network and growing professionally. Science Coordinators often do not have support or professional learning opportunities designed specifically for them.

Coordinators will explore how change happens in systems, what it takes to make change, and how to move all teachers to sustained effective practice. Ideas around equity, NGSS and NGSS-like standards, designing and leading professional learning, assessment, and leadership will be the focus of sessions. Coordinators will also develop a strategic plan for science and work toward developing a plan for leading science in their context. 

Collaborative and engaging sessions will be delivered synchronously via Zoom. Participants will also receive a one-year Teaching Channel subscription, where they will be able to engage in monthly asynchronous modules with their cohort. Feedback and coaching will be provided as needed throughout the Institute.

Sessions will be facilitated by Dr. Brooke A. Whitworth and Dr. Julianne A. Wenner. 


Core Modules: 9:00am-4:00pm EST

Regular Sessions: 6:00-8:00pm EST

August 26 - Kick-off & Core Module 1

September 11 - Session 1

October 2 - Session 2

November 6 - Session 3

December 4 - Session 4

January 6 - Core Module 2

February 5 - Session 5

March 11 - Session 6

April 20 - Core Module 3

May 13 - Session 7